Mel (a friend of mine) and little me (left) quite some time ago.

For general questions you can contact me at

If your request is related to my work with Debian or the Tor project please use my or address respectively.

Please use role-addresses over my personal address when appropriate. For instance write to the debian-admin role address and not just to me when it's a debian admin request.

PGP key

If your issue is sensitive you may want to encrypt your message to my PGP key. Note that this might result in delays on my side since I do not have access to my key to decrypt your message everywhere. My current (2012) PGP key information is

pub   4096R/C82E0039 2003-03-24  Peter Palfrader
      Key fingerprint = 25FC 1614 B8F8 7B52 FF2F  99B9 62AF 4031 C82E 0039

My old key is

pub   1024D/94C09C7F 1999-11-10  Peter Palfrader
      Key fingerprint = 5B00 C96D 5D54 AEE1 206B  AF84 DE7A AF6E 94C0 9C7F

You can download them from any of the public keyservers. They should be properly connected to the web of trust.