awm - Archive Weasel's Mail


Find it in the weaselutils repository.


  • awm [--help]

  • awm [--quiet] [--verbose [--verbose]] [--older=date] --base=base [folder [folder ...]]


awm is a simple mail archiver for MailDir style mail folders. It moves mails older than the specified time to folders where is the date when the mail was received (last Received header) or sent (Date header) if no Received header can be found.

It archives the Maildir folder base as well as all subfolders (Maildirs in the same directory as base that name starts with a period (.)). If you list one of more folders it will only archive them.


  • --verbose

Verbose mode. Causes awm to print debugging messages about its progress. May be used more than once to increase verbosity.

  • --quiet

Quiet mode. Be even more quient than normally (supress some warnings).

  • --help

Print a short help and exit sucessfully.

  • --version

Print version number and exit sucessfully.

  • --base=base

Specify the base of awm's operation. Example: --base=$(HOME)/Maildir.

  • --older=date

Archive mails older than the specified date. Example: --older='-2 months' or --older='2002-01-01'. Defaults to two months ago. See Time::ParseDate(3) for reognised formats.


Peter Palfrader <>.


Please report them to the author.