$Date: 2002/01/12 21:17:02 $
$Revision: 1.12 $
$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.12 2002/01/12 21:17:02 weaselp Exp $

0.9.1 - 2002-01-12

	Added python support by Tom Good <tgood@tripwire.com>
	Added diff file support by Martin Dorey <mdorey@bluearc.com>
	Applied linebreak patch by Andreas Marschallek <e9627177@student.tuwien.ac.at>
	Added shellscript support by Andreas Marschallek
	Added html-simple and html-nocolor stylesheets by Andreas Marschallek
	Added lisp support by Andreas Krennmair <a.krennmair@aon.at>
	Added html-fntlck stylesheet by Vincent Sanders <vince@trinity.fluff.org>
	Added gpasm support by Vincent Sanders

	Replaced cosy.sbg.ac.at URIs.

	Thanks to everyone who submitted a patch or comments. I apologize for
	 the long delay.

0.9 - 2001-03-25
	Add --prefix switch.
	Changed a typo in awk (function header). (MS)
	Added doc comments to C and C++. (MS)
	Added povray support. (MG)
	Changed author address and page URI.
	Changed text/code to text/x-sourcecode in Documentation.
	Added ruby support.
	Made gimsox at regexen gimesox in styles.
	Fixed function header style.
	Fixed HTML style to not create a <font> tag for each char

0.8.12 - 2000-10-02
	Fixed typo in the manpage and mention that the Action
	module must get loaded for the auto execution with apache
	to work (closes: Debian Bug #72935).

0.8.11 - 2000-04-24
	"\\" was not recognized as a string. added "\\\\\\\\" to regexps.
	same for single quote strings.
0.8.10 - 2000-04-11

	Fixed problem with parameter parsing. The fix in 0.8.8.d, while
	fixing the problem with - beeing used for stdin and stdout,
	broke using of 'binary' options like "-t 4". Should be fixed now.
0.8.9a - 2000-03-21

	The style 'continuation' (used for Makefiles) was not defined.

0.8.9 - 2000-03-18

	--version no longer prints an empty line after the actual
	version message.


0.8.8f - 2000-03-16

	HTML templates now have a closing </body> tag. (Closes #102669)

	File extensions are treated case insensitive in some cases now. 
	(Closes #102670)
	Jukka A. Ukkonen helped me to improve the manpage.
	The wording should be more clearly now.
	Formatting is more consistent.

0.8.8e - MARCH 2000

	moved CREDITS, LICENSE, and ChangeLog to their own files.
	$FILES_DISALLOWED_IN_CGI is now set by default.

0.8.8d - MARCH 2000

	changed all command parameters' names from abc_def to abd-def
	the old names should still work

	using the minus (-) on the commandline to choose STDIN/STDOUT
	did not work. FIXED.

	no pod documentation any longer. Use the man-page.

0.8.8c - FEBRUARY 2000

	fixed a bug in put_output. $params{'outfile'} should be
	$params->{'outfile'}. It did work the old way too, but relied
	on the global %params. not nice. (DM)

	file extensions .hpp and .hxx now result in the file treated
	as C++

	added new output definition for 'html-dark' and 'html-nobc'
	Tnx to DM.

	Now really check wheter the outputformat is defined.

0.8.8b - JANUARY 2000

	fixed some typos

	fixed problem with string recognition if last character was a

	fixed endtag of 'predefined type' style

0.8.8a - JANUARY 2000

	fixed documentation for REDIRECT_URL call.

	'cpp' extensions are now identified as C++ files.

0.8.8 - JANUARY 2000

	added support for different outputformats. the texinfo output
	format will be added soon (perhaps even in this release)
	added --outputformat=s; -o=s switch

	added template support
	added --template switch

	removed -? switch

	tried to move the CGI stuff to CGI.pm but CGI.pm has problems
	handling some file uploaded via filefields, so we'll have to live
	with my selfmade parsing routine.

	fixed some perl patterns bugs. TNX to
	"Pepin, Joseph D (Joe), GOVMK" <joepepin@att.com> for reporting.

	external language files should work now

	Perl sub's with prototypes are recognized (JP).

	some line number changes (there was a +-1 error)

	introduced STYLESHEET.
	this means that %LANGUAGE was changed:
	o no starttag and endtag anymore for each rule
	o instead there's a style field which refers to an appropriate
	entry in the STYLESHEET

	changed license to MIT.
	This is the old license:
	Not derived from licensed software.

	Permission is granted to anyone to use this  software  for
	any purpose on any computer system, and to redistribute it
	in any way, subject to the following restrictions:

	1. The author is not responsible for the  consequences  of
	use of this software, no matter how awful, even if they
	arise from defects in it.
	2. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented,
	either by explicit claim or by omission.
	3. Altered  versions  must  be plainly marked as such, and
	must  not  be  misrepresented  (by  explicit  claim  or
	omission) as being the original software.
	3a. It would be nice if I got  a  copy  of  your  improved
	version  sent to ppalfrad@cosy.sbg.ac.at. However this
	is not obligatory.
	4. This notice must not be removed or altered.

0.8.7d - NOVEMBER 1999

	langmode is not case sensitive any longer

0.8.7c - OCTOBER 1999

	line numbers AGAIN :/ (this time everything schould work :)

0.8.7b - OCTOBER 1999

	line numbers AGAIN :/

0.8.7a - OCTOBER 1999

	declared result in putout, so code2html runs with use strict

	patching works with stdin to stdout too.

0.8.7 - OCTOBER 1999

	the newslines where missing with lin[ke]numbers. Fixed (PP)

	fixed patchmode. TNX to "Brad M. Garcia" <bgarcia@fore.com>
	for the bug report (PP)

0.8.6 - OCTOBER 1999

	changed some perl patterns, faster & smaller html (PP)

	replaced (abc|Abc|ABC) style patterns with (?i)abc (PP)

	changed config file layout; using a data structure now (PP)

	o create_snippets tweaking (BS)
	o Pod::Text not used but required (BS)
	o _new_ _improved_ (great words, eh?) perl patterns (BS)

	checkTab in again (PP)

0.8.5 - AUGUST 1999

	fixed linenumbers.

	html patching now also has an outputfile.
	(Daniel Winkelmann <winkelma@chemie.fu-berlin.de>)

	html patching failed when refering to external files. this is
	fixed now. TNX to Daniel Winkelmann for the bug report

	code2html in CGI mode now encodes the output as bz2/gz/Z if
	the program is on the server and the format is accepted by
	TNX to Matty <mattpratt@yahoo.com> for the idea.

0.8.4 - AUGUST 1999

	Barrie Slaymaker <barries@slaysys.com> sent a different
	approach for finding & inserting tags. the hidechar way is no
	longer needed. It is quite fast and needs not that much

0.8.3 - AUGUST 1999

	removed 'use HTML::Entities' line. it HTML::Entities was not
	used anyway.

0.8.2 - AUGUST 1999

	John Douglas Rowell <me@jdrowell.com> submitted some perl
	tweaks to correctly parse <<"-x-"; and =begin/=end blocks.

	anchors are not used any more when no line numbers are wanted.

	John Interrante <interran@crd.ge.com> patched a typo that
	made the html footer even printed if noheader was spezified.

	new option -T=s, --title=s; suggested by Harald Fielker
	<fielker@informatik.fh-augsburg.de> as well as Barrie Slaymaker

	significantly reduced memory usage

	Barrie Slaymaker <barries@slaysys.com> sent a patch to speed up
	insert_tags. I already had a not that bad version some time ago
	but somehow it got lost. Anyway Barrie's way is _a_lot_ faster
	than mine.

0.8.1 - AUGUST 1999

	Joor Loohuis <joor@casema.net> updated the documentation.

0.8.0 - AUGUST 1999

	Joor Loohuis <joor@casema.net> converted the long help text to
	pod (plain old documentation, see perlpod(1)). The major
	advantage is that the documentation can now simply be
	converted to html, man, LaTeX or plain text, by using one of
	the filters from the standard Perl POD module.

	Joor Loohuis also contributed an example of automatic
	language recognition. I adapted it and it is now part of
	code2html. As a result the syntax has changed. langmode is no
	longer obligatory but optional with -l <langmode>

	Joel Andersson <joel@post.netlink.se> sent me the patterns for
	awl, m4, groff.

	perl tweaks; again :/

	regular expressions in config files are now checked for
	correctness. code2html fails gracefully if a regex is wrong.

0.7.1 - August 1999

	corrected (hopefully) a gotcha in the perl patterns (again...)

	added one item to the changelog of 0.7.0

	--replace_tabs no longer replaces every tab with the given
	amount of spaces but instead it now replaces it with the right
	number to go to the next tabstop. the parameter given to
	replace_tabs gives the width of tabstops.
	TNX to T. Jahn <tjahn@crosswinds.net> for providing an example
	of how to do this in one of his programs. If I had known it
	was that easy I'ld have done it earlier :)

0.7.0 - August 1999

	No longer need for that stupid fatal_error sub. I now use perl's
	handlers for __DIE__ and __WARN__

	complete rewrite of the option and parameter fetching sub. I
	now use Getopt::Long. TNX to Barrie for the pointer. As a
	the number for --replace_tabs / -t is no longer optional.

	Added HTML patching: code2html now also allows you to have
	inline source code in an html file. It can then take this html
	file and insert the syntax highlighted code.
	Look in the help. It's very usefull ( at least for me )

	the CGI mode got a forth way to pass the input file. If the
	input_selector parameter is set to REDIRECT_URL the file is
	Kevin Burton <burton@relativity.yi.org> suggested this so that
	it is possible to configure Apache with an action directive
	to automatically print java files syntax highlighted.

0.6.6 - July 1999

	added sql - it is still very poor since I don't know all the
	keywords etc. If you know, tell me.

	Martynov Andrew <root@tn.energo.ru> pointed me to the qq, qx,
	etc operators in perl. They should now no longer cause problems

	Wayne Roberts <wroberts1@cx983858-b.orng1.occa.home.com>
	reported a problem with C strings like "\\". It should be fixed

	I changed the operator with which the default language base
	is assigned to a variable, so there's no need for \\\\\\\\\\
	quotes anymore :)

0.6.5 - June 1999

	tweaking Perl regular expressions (TNX to Barrie Slaymaker

	if a language mode cannot be found the error message now tells
	you which lang you requested.

	new --fallback <lang> option. This language mode is used if the
	given mode by parameter1 is not available. This feature was
	requested by Barrie Slaymaker <rbs@telerama.com>

	changed 'is called as CGI' heuristics.

0.6.4 - May 1999

	the name attribute in the line numbers was wrong. there should
	be no in it. TNX to <stifle33@hotmail.com>

	linking to line numbers now works from the command line too

0.6.3 - May 1999

	fixed C character constant regex. TNX to Jesse

	line numbers now can link to themselves

	line numbers now have a constant width

0.6.2 - May 1999

	fixed something in HTML lang

0.6.1 - May 1999

	added 'plain' language mode

	cgi support improoved. should now also handle
	enctype="multipart/form-data" forms

0.6.0 - May 1999

	fixed Substitution loop at ./code2html.pl (5.2) line 627

	changed string regular expressions: \" is no longer a problem

	default locations for the language files have changed:
	first all the files listed in the enviroment variable
	CODE2HTML_CONFIG (seperated by colons (:)) will be checked,
	then, if HOME set, $HOME/.code2html.config and finally
	TNX to Eric Brandwine <ebrandwi@UU.NET> for the hint.

	new: --no_header does not print the <html><head>... stuff

	new: --content_type prints Content-Type: text/html;

	C/C++: in preprocessor lines: strings are highlighted now

	-n now also names the lines with <a name="line<nr>">..</a>

	script may now be run as a CGI script. see the CGI section
	in the help

	get_config_file was rewritten because it was _ugly_

0.5.2 - May 1999

	fixed Makefile dependency line bug. (a * in regexp instead a +)

0.5.1 - May 1999

	clarified copyright questions on regular expressions

	changed -dumb_default_lang to -dump_default_lang :)

0.5.0 - Apr 1999

	changed find_all_matches__create_taglist__insert_placeholders
	so that it works around a bug in earlier perl versions, in which
	pos() is not set if the return value of m//g is not used.

	changed a regex in get_config_file

0.4.1 - Mar 1999

	changed JavaScript regexps slightly

	changed find_all_matches_.. slightly

0.4.0 - Mar 1999

	script no longer needs $' and $` thus beeing faster. $& is still

	regexps for perl changed slightly

	find_all_matches has been completly rewritten. verify is no
	longer needed. taglist is built while searching.
	May take a bit longer now, but otherwhise a bug could not have
	been fixed.

	changed (fixed?) start of language_def_block pos evaluation

0.3.3 - Feb 1999

	fixed STDIN/STDOUT parameters when passed a - the scrpit though
	options would follow and didn't tread this as a handle for STDIN

	added -V as shortcut to --version

0.3.2 - Feb 1999

	removed -T from 1st line so activePerl will run the script
	without any modifications

	changed perl string regexps. run now faster and better
	(and run at all under win)

	added --replace_tabs

0.3.1 - Feb 1999

	fixed language files bug (<space>lang_mode<space> no longer
	starts langmode)

	fixed empty html tag bug when reading lang specs

	added languages: Makefile, Java, JavaScript, Perl

	added --modes

0.3.0 - Feb 1999

	added linenumbers

	added <head> and <title> tag in html output

	fixed crlf switch works now

0.2.0 - Feb 1999

	first official release