Latest Version: Version 2.1.9 (October 2014)


Echolot is a Pinger for anonymous remailers.

Echolot, das: (German) sonic depth finder

A Pinger in the context of anonymous remailers is a program that regularily sends messages through remailers to check their reliability. It then calculates reliability statistics which are used by remailer clients to choose the chain of remailers to use.

Additionally it collects configuration parameters and keys of all remailers and offers them in a format readable by remailer clients.

If you're interested in accessing the development tree, just checkout Echolot using Git:

	git clone

or browse the code directly on the gitweb.


Echolot releases used to be available on the now decommissioned alioth service. So now the code is available only via git.

Source code repository is at; a browseable version is at


Sites running Echolot

Some sites running Echolot pingers as of 2014:

Other Pingers

  • pingstats by cmeclax
  • remlsits by Christian Mock
  • rlist by Raph Levien